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We are a company that specializes in website development, related apps and web management tools. 

We launched our company in 2019 and right after its launch, we became one of the most popular choices of users for providing the best website services in the web development market.

We understand how a great website design and its smooth functions can help businesses impress their potential clients and grow their business, with this belief we are committed and dedicated to provide our users with the best experience to get what they need in the website.


Our goal is to provide our user the best web development services and experience, and all that at an affordable price!

Our Clients Feedback

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Sachin Sharma Co-founder of Foxymedia

It's an incredible platform, I had a wonderful experience with the service I got, the product manager guy was really nice and polite, he helped me throughout the process of my website completion.

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Ritwiz Tiwari Founder of Bizgurukul

I can't thank you enough for creating this wonderful website for me, I would highly recommend your services to all those who are looking for a wonderful website and an incredible experience.

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Paras Saxena CEO at Pankhecofriendly

I needed an ecommerce website for my new business, somehow I landed up here at Crazywebsite and the price I was asked was quite affordable, I am glad I made this choice to take your help. I am really happy with the service. Highly recommended to all.

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